The Benefits of Daycare

We all lead busy lives, and sometimes that means our pets are left alone for longer than is good for them. A bored, lonely or   anxious dog is more likely to develop worrying traits such as incessant barking, and destructive behaviour such as chewing   furniture or digging up the garden.

Daycare on the other hand provides a great outlet for your dog’s energy, and also maintains their socialisation skills, which is   essential for a healthier, happier, non-aggressive pet.

After a long day of fun, stimulation and exercise, your dog will come home happy, tired and better behaved, giving you the chance to wind down and relax together. So clearly, if you work long hours, daycare benefits the owner too!

At Boggs Dogs, we take great care to ensure that each and every dog is well integrated into the group. They also get plenty of loving human contact throughout the day in a secure, natural environment.

 For tips on choosing the right daycare for your dog, click here .
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