Andrew and Melaney have been living and working on their smallholding in East Lothian for the best part of ten years. Having started out in livery, their love of animals soon extended to pigs and a herd of rare breed sheep.

That small farm environment now provides a unique setting for Boggs Dogs and its growing band of furry guests. If they promise to be good the dogs can even accompany Andrew and Mel’s three young children as they go about their farmyard chores!


Andrew and I have always loved animals, and with all the space on our property we’d often find ourselves looking after friends’ dogs when they went away on holiday. That was in addition to our three lively children and three dogs of our own (English and French pointers and an American Bulldog) and a small herd of pigs! Hector, Raisin and Luna hated staying in cramped kennels, and we soon agreed that dogs separated from their owners are much happier when they’re integrated into a family environment, like a home from home. Thus Boggs Dogs was born!



We got our first dog, Sas, for my husband’s 30th birthday, and that’s where my obsession with dogs began! I now have three border collies and a working cocker spaniel. I love working breeds and a dog that is a challenge to train. When I’m not with dogs I spend every spare minute throwing myself down steep trails on a mountain bike!


I got my first dog a week before I got married as a wedding gift to myself! I now have two Jack Russell terriers. I’ve loved the breed since I was a child on my great aunt’s farm, they are such loyal dogs with big personalities. I’ve dedicated the last thirteen years of my life to working with animals. When I’m not spending time with my daughter, I am usually to be found on a horse!


Our working breed Jack Russell Terrier was the last in the litter when we got him - but why he wasn’t picked out first I’ll never know. You’ll often find Austin and I up at the horses where Austin gets to say hello to all the farm animals and run along side the quad bike. In fact, my first experience with dogs was around stables. Then I worked in a large daycare environment for over two years, which averaged around 60 dogs per day.



I got my first dog in Zimbabwe when I was five years old. He was a 12 week old Dobermann puppy, and few months later he was joined by a Teacup Pomeranian. They became the best of friends and this taught me never to judge a dog based on its breed. I’m a great believer in the Boggs Dogs ethos that pets are an extension of the family, and now I’ve got three dogs of my own, plus pigs, goats, sheep and chickens!

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